Saturday, June 19, 2010

theres soooo much good music i like on the radio right now...
it just makes me so happy that it isnt raining like crazy,
or even snowing. i'm so happy about summer.july is going to be so good.
i really am gonna go to school, and i cant stop talking about it.
because i just cant wait for everything to be done and all that.
and maybe kody will let me get new school clothes! haha.
i have been riding my bike a lot. i wish i was doing a yoga class,
or something cool like that. my family is so busy. everyyyday.
i think we found an apartment. for a really good deal.
carson really does tell me secrets, he like to whisper in your ear.
and he is starting to like michael franti like all the other littles.
and candice is my friend, i love how we dont see eachother for
like a few days and then she shows up and buys me red mango
and we talk about road trips, & go on drives and i always get us
lost. and i'm going to my first real rREaL concert with her, i'm
excited. oh and we ate smores out of burnt oatmeal cookies.
haaaaha. shes a good friend. and i want eyelash extensions...
and eyelash perm.
haha i'm nuts. i knw i know. i like to blog.


michelle said...

1. I want a bike so bad
2. I wish I was going to yoga classes too
3. You made me crave smores so I made some in the microwave
4. I have eyelash extensions, you should get some they're fun.
5. you encouraged me to write a blog about some of these things

Froggy said...

cute picture! XD

serious question though.. what are smores? :S

michelle said...

is Froggy serious???

anyways the eyelash extensions are fun I got 'bundle lashes' because they were way cheaper. they dont last as long but they still look really good they just like use this SUPER strong glue and when you want them off you have to go in and get them taken off. some of them fall out which is really sad. lol whatever you do dont start pulling them off. I did and it was no bueno! lol and why thank you... maybe that is why im all of a sudden pretty hahaha

michelle said...

oh and I have lurkers so I had to delete my blog post, I wasnt like deleting your comment or anything. : )

Laura Jo said...

I wanna be your friend! i miss hanging out.

michelle said...

I just so happen to be in tri cities right now! its so sunny here. I love that! and yeah I come here like all the time. you should come to portland and tri cities and seattle and everywhere over here lol