Monday, June 14, 2010

everything has been so good.
i'm kinda liking kodys sales job just because
he's my best friend, and if he wants we can take
a spontaneous trip to park city. yaaa stuff like that.
he was my friend this weekend, we got some wood
and made smores, and got in the hot tub.
got some buy one get one free shakes at sonic.
he even came with me to take all three little chickens
to the childrens museum on friday and it was fun. & nuts.
and he got me a cute fluorescent orange shirt
from j crew that was 9 bucks cause we got
50% off plus a student discount...
& my beeb sitting days or over.
and i'm kinda sad that i wont see my two littles as much anymore,
and tell secrets... so they still better come over lots.
and such. i'm on the look out for my new car,
and a new apartment, which might be at daybreak.
and my grandma is really nice to me and
took me to macys to pick a lip gloss.
and sneak a peek at those hot pink shoes i kinda really love.
and nat left a dr.pepper in the car for me, :)
ive requested information on pretty much every
esthetics school around here,
so i can really make up my mind... i'm getting anxious.
and i kinda can't wait to be in school..
but this summer has good things in store,
i even loaded up my ipod with some new gOOOd Songs. ::))))

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michelle said...

sounds like you are having a fun summer! it doesnt feel like summer over here.