Saturday, June 5, 2010

keepp holdeen on.

so i been keeping myself extra busy.
the weather is GRRRReat right now too.
extra hot but i like it when the sun goes down
its perfect.
i took candice out for her birthday dinner
last night she picked the blue plate diner.
and THEN we went to hatch family chocolates
trying to spot some "little people"... no luck.
but got yummy chocolate covered gummy worms.
and her house is really cute i'm so jealous
and i think me and kody need a place in the avenues
now. we have been touring apartments all
morning... i really want everyone to go to the lagoon.
please please come.
mom got pretty new blinds.
we grilled some steak tonight.
im loving kody being around again i missed his guts.
janeen & blaine took me and carson out to see shrek the other
night too and we got milkshakes at sonic it was really
fun, carson was pretty good for sitting in a movie.
and mooch, we got to sneak away to chipotle for lunch
and corner bakery the other day, i eat out so much.
but they keep opening sooooo many good places!
sephora opened yesterday i still havent been because
the lines were crazy! but i guess ill save up for a prize.
i got a new phone, i miss lin, and i'm planning a road trip.
and im gonna try and be cool and check out some
concerts this summer. haha.
we'llllll see.
briana let me borrow a makeup book last night and
i'm really really excited i loove readin those.
parade of homes are coming up too.
it really feels like summer right now and its sooo happy.
my mom and dad are real cute they go to the gym
pretty much everyday, and my dad has these really
cute work out outfits.
im done watching the little ones next week,
and its kind of going to be sad so i hope they still come over
alot. i love pretzel and jack, a lot a lot.
well have a nice day.

p.s. i wish i was mrs... LLLilien.


Candice said...

jade!! i like this post, it makes me excited for summer and adventures with you. road trip as soon as possible and lagoon and more eating out at cool new places, and michael franti tickets--we gotta go-- and moving close to me so we can ride bikes all the time. yes please!

michelle said...

aw fun im jealous

cathmom said...

I'm not sure how your dad will feel about you calling his workout clothes "cute outfits"! Maybe we should trade clothes. I'll wear cute outfits and he can wear old sweats and tie dye! Summer rocks! Good things in the air.

joven said...

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Pres8Jes said...

JADE first and foremost call me at work, i called the house phone, call that back and push ext 106, i will answer.
michael franti/jimmy cliff july 27
band of horses september 28
**will you go to the farmers market with me on saturday? its opening day and mom will be gone.