Saturday, February 20, 2010

i get smarter every day

drinkin an izze esque.
i got all ready today,
and took carson to rubios.
blue car is getting a window
on tuesday, and then i can
drive it. :) :)
still dont have my own space.
it's rough, i'm not gonna lie.
but i'm actually pretty happy.
and the past few days, its
been sunny.
still chilly. and i'm
really sick somehow.
but everything is good.
i baby sit lots.
i feel like jack and presley
are almost my children, haha.
my mom has been helping a lot too.
especially cause we've alllll
been sickly sick.
now i have a date with my mom.
redmango. i can't get enough of it.
and a trip to nordstrom rack,
to return all the nonsense we
bought. what good is an exercise
video if the person in it isn't
even in shape. i keep forgetting
that my hair is orange.
and carson has better eyelashes
than me.


michelle said...

so kelli told me there is no red mango in portland. they used to have one but they closed it because it only had like one flavor and it was gross. but they have skinnidip and this other place that is very similar. lol ive been to skinnidip but im going to have to try your graham cracker strawberry coconut I dont remember what else next time I go

cathmom said...

We had a nice date to 9th and 9th. I can't believe you have never been there. That's where most of my grandbaby dollars go. Let's give Red Mango another try AND pleease help me get this ridiculous bag of dumb shoes returned to The Rack.

cathmom said...

Does Majestic have spring fever, too??

Steen said...

mom's not lying, she really does have a ridiculous bag of dumb shoes.