Monday, February 22, 2010

snow with sun today.
my eyeballs hurt.
i can't look left or right.
i have to turn my head.
it must be the sickness.
i wrote a big list of
addresses of all the special
little shops and places
i want to go in cali.
i'm anxious.
i take moms car a lot.
and i just stroll the town
with my boy.
sometimes we stop into the
mall. sometimes we grab
sonic grilled cheese.
sometimes we sneak kody
treats between his long
went to 9th and 9th with my mom
i didnt know you get a free
slice of bread at great harvest!
we bought a loaf. and some
really gooood oatmeal cookies.
and then i went to childrens hour.
i didnt know they had
my size clothes,
and the cutest lil boy shoes
i ever did see. sheesh.
and we peeked at the mini coopers.
we both want one sooooo bad.
i just want a place to live.
right. now.
i cant wait for my trip,
i'm literally counting down the days.


Steen said...

i'm excited and jealous of your trip. buy me a little surprise.

cathmom said...

i'm dreaming of that car with the iPhone hookups! thanks for going to town with me baby jade!