Tuesday, February 16, 2010

moms been makin chinese dinners.
its funny.
did my usual cleaning day at moms.
janeen took carson for me.
it was nice, i got to go fast.
i like when she takes him,
because i know hes in a safe place.
another thing crossed off our list,
we got the car all registered,
and insurance all hooked up on both
cars. so hopefully i'll be driving one
of them.
yes. :)
poor baby jack is sick.
i feel bad for his little self.
were watchin cloudy with a
chance of meatballs.
i'm craving a red mango with coconut,
strawberries, and graham cracker crumbs.
mmm. the best.
were planning our vegas/cali trip.
i cant wait.
i really cant.
and i also cant wait to go to school.
i'm pretty sure i wanna be in by end of march.
i'm crossing my fingers.
oh on saturday
laura and me got a few makeup samples
at nordstrom, it was really funny.
well anyway,
thats my boy up there.
hes growin big.
gives me looootttsss of loves, and kisses.
and doesnt like to leave me.
and i dont like to leave him.
hes pretty much my best friend.
we tell each other everything.
i love him.


cassandra noƫlla said...

he is SO handsome jade.
i like reading your blog a lot. its one of my favorites

michelle said...

tell me more about this mange coconut strawberry thing?

here's to you mrs. robinson made me really happy.

michelle said...

ooooh well I hope someday I can find a red mango cause that sounds really good! ive been so busy lately i havent had time to post blogs but i always think of it so i will try to post more.

Laura Jo said...

jade, carson is so so so handsome!! I like his hair and hoodie!
ahha let's get more samples. I like reading your blog the most!