Sunday, October 18, 2009

what a happy weekend, first we went fishing in american fork canyon, and it was sooooo pretty with all the fall leaves turning orange all over. that was happy. and then yesterday we went to park city to browse around and get ourselves each one prize. the weather has been nice and good. dad's been our friend. he's funny. i keep snitching his plain donuts. annnnnd today me and kody got a really cute ikea coffee table. for 25 bucks on sale! and you know kody he looves sales. now me and nat are makin these

still havent decided on carsons costume...


cassandra noƫlla said...

i want some cookies. you have to make me pumpkin bread seriously !
carson should be an orange for halloween. but then everyone would think he was a pumpkin. nevermind.

he should be a bird.

lovely lindsay said...

for me?
ok, jade. i'm really feeling left out all the way over here. would someone PLEASE come for a visit.
love, lindsay