Friday, October 16, 2009

i actually got ready today.
that was good of me.
i never do. but we didnt do much.
i got to hang out wiht cameron for a minute.
and then me and kody finally got carson
some big boy new shoes. i like them a LOT!
i hate not having a camera. i'm gonna go nuts!
where is my camera??? seriously!
well they look like this anyway, and theyre
really cute on him

and then i finally found the perfect costume
for him!
but i have to make it???
darnit martha stewart

tomorrow is kody and me day.
i wanna make these

mmmmm the best


lovely lindsay said...

those look exactly like lucas's fall shoes! i miss carson. i wish he was here so we could take our hightopped boys to the park.
you can totally make that suit!! do it. it looks perfect for your boy.
love, lindsay

Steen said...

please make him be that. i beg of you.