Thursday, October 15, 2009

enchiladas tonite
ricos beans and purple chips
steens makin red rice

mmmm mmm i can't even wait!

and a prize to who ever can tell me ideas for what carson should be for halloween! i mean it. i need help.

it's sooo sunny today. and it's supposed to be like this all weekend! so me and kody are going on a date. or honestly i wish we would go to vegas tomorrow... or washington...

i'm just hangin out at dads today.


The Fords said...

Have carson be a pirate. I can help you make way cute baby leggings for him. (have the leggings be black and white).

I loved your nome idea. However you spell that.

I'm still thinking....

Pres8Jes said...

thanks for dinner it was delicious.
i like the gnome idea too, i think you should just do it jem.