Saturday, December 20, 2008

jade by jadeypants

i made my first polyvore thing. it was fun
theres my dream outfit.
i want everyone else to go make one i wanna see what you would chose.


lovely lindsay said...

you've got a good eye for pretty things. i hope that you'll do one of these a week... and teach me how. it would probably kill my dinosaur computer, though.
off to eat more banana bread! love, lin

cassie said...

i know i was thinking "how could i get away with always posting one.."
its really fun.
i think im gonna post one whenever i wanna cause i love it.
i like yours too.

i really dont want to move. at all. but i'll be back in 6 months. i'll be closer to you in california anyway. i think. you never talk to me either,..