Thursday, December 18, 2008

i dislike the snow more than ever.
if there wasn't a hole in my ugg boot i might be okay.
i been needing to get that fixed.
i can't get back to sleep this morning.
i saw a car roll off the road today.
don't they have snow plow trucks around here?
okay okay, so i want a sewing machine.


michelle said...

no they just have sand trucks. I too saw a car flip off the road today...ok well I didnt see THE flip but I came by right after and saw the woman climbing out the window of her red suv. I prayed for her right then. how scccccccccary. im trapped inside. boo.

kerrylynn said...

i saw a brother sewing machine for 69 bucks at big lottts

ask santa...

The Fords said...

MISS YOU GUYS! I have a sewing can borrow sometime...wish you were closer

the Anderson's said...

Jade Walmart has some way nice machines for less than $100.00. Infact I want one too! :)
Hope you are having a great day!