Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas eve tomorrow! what!??/ oh man.
poor baby carson is sick sick with a bad cold and a bad rash.
he is off to the doctor right this second with kody...
and kody got stuck in the snow.
oh dear what a morning already.
lindsay just brought me a sweet lunch,
some licorice/dr. pepper/macaroni and a can of sauce
all rolled up like a sack lunch.
cool! that made me happy. i'm starrrrving!
i need a new cd. some music in my life.
i never listen to music.
what the heck.
maybe i need a cd player too.
where is my package from my mom!????


lovely lindsay said...

oh little reg. i love you so. i hate a sick baby. the worst in the world. love him up good like you do.
i had so much silly fun packing up your lunchy. only you would love a sack lunch with mac and sauce ingredients. plus three licorice sticks. goodnight little jade. see you on christmas eve!
love, lin

the Anderson's said...

Jade I hope the baby is feeling better. It is always such a worry when they aren't well. You and Kody are good parents. You'll know what to do. Give baby Carson lots of love from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. We will have him in our prayers - as we do all of you. We love you - and hope everyone will feel better for Christmas. luv Janeen

kerrylynn said...

i hope carson is feelin better.

ps. my word verification thing is "treat" .. yum