Tuesday, September 23, 2008

another day

i'm still homesick day 2.
i feel like i got punched in the face.
and the stomach.
i still want my camera.
where is it.
i bought a new shirt, and really dont like the sleeves.
lindsay and andrey went out.
and kody is on his cleaning spree.
he can't stop.
ohhh Kody.
applied at amazon.com and West and bleh some other place.
what is going on here?
i think we are whatever theyre called,... orphans?
we should just go live at the homeless shelter.
im stumped because i dont know if this is where i want to live or not.
but im not on vacation.
i dont know what this is,
i wish i could say all that i want.
i'm asking kody if he wants to go for a drive or something.
he probably wont.
i might just run away.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

if you want to go for a drive call me, you can waste my gas I dont mind. today I want to see you. atleast for a millisecond.