Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I LOVE YOU baby reggie
Today was a little better because we're getting used to it. It was chilly out side but it was a nice day. Kody's parents are coming in a few weeks when we get an apartment and stuff. But they aren't staying long cause I guess they are going to California or something. Ya and anyways, Kody brought home probably like 70 million applications today and so someone at least ONE better call him SOON! Like tomorrow please. And we got the stereo put into the car. So now theres music. We can actually listen to MUSIC. i don't think i have had music in my life for a long long time because I don't own a CD player anymore. and the car doesnt even have a radio. Oh jeez. We might live at the Village at Grandridge for now. Or we might truck along and find something cheaper who knows. But I just really really want to get a place and decorate it MY WAY. Seems like the utah crew is pretty happy and things are going great for them..... My sisters got an apartment together eh. Luckys. I hope you keep in touch. I wish for my mom and dad to find a perfect little place for themselves too. WHat am i talking about. i am so tired. and i need to dye my hair. And i'm in the tri cities. What the heck am i doing???????????????//


Mr. Furious said...

well done! keep going.

mimi said...

glad you're here little jade. stick it out. this place is great. it really is. things will start working out. i promise. i love you. amy