Monday, July 21, 2008


it's been nice.
i like my little boy, he's so patient.
we're best friends.
been going to the chiropractor.
FINALLY. my back needed this.
i hope it will at last feel better for a while.
i'm really missing lindsay and luc too.
kody and i are planning to go down
there probably last week of august
or first week of september.
our little reception thing is only in 3 weeks.
it's not going to be big, we're just going to
have a get together and celebrate all
that has happend with me and kody.
we can't decide if it's just family or friends too.
but probably both.
we need to get on it.
i just don't like how we've had so many like
parties and stuff... so it makes me not want to have another
but whatever.
kodys birthday is next TUESDAY!!
i don't even know what to get him!
i want to have a little barbecue for him
but who knows.
he's been really busy and working hard.
and i want to do something nice.
other than that, just been relaxin takin care of CARSON.
which i guess is his official NAme. CARSON SKY.
but i'm probably going to call him sky.
kody won't let me change the name, blah.
i don't know what i'm writing about.
i'm just bored.
maybe i'll make lunch....
all i really want right now is

and a nap with the babe.
my grandma is coming to see him today.
iiiiiiii miss her too. :)
oh and ps...


lovely lindsay said...

i miss you and lil'boy so bad. so bad. so bad.
love you.

naturaljoy said...

Mississippi might be nice..... I'm excited for your reception. You sound like you're so cool with just having a baby. I think you're more used to it then I am and my baby's 4 months!!