Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goodbye my friend

So long little bug.
You're probably on your way to Mexico now.
You were a good one.
I sure will miss you.
And I'm sorry your ear was hurting.


Noƫlla said...


lets go to the cafe. i have no job
im a LOSER.

i love 80s purple too
i want these crazy neat sunglasses. i might have to get em.

what time saturday natalie didnt even tell me. you will see me , idont know what a baby shower really is or does. explain

naturaljoy said...

That's a cute car!

Michelle said...

when I sold my explorer a couple months ago I cried for an hour atleast after we left. We went to the grocery store right after and for some reason I just couldnt stop the tears from coming out. I walked around hooded and wearing glasses. sorry you lost your beatle friend.