Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Love

First of all my shower today was so much fun and calm and happy and I loved it. I wasn't feeling too great today because for some reason my right side around my rib is swollen and sore. But my shower was nice, and thanks to my sister Lindsay for the shower in a box with all the cute supplies to help me put it together. I wish she got to come. And my mom was a real hard worker trying to make everything go together just right. I got so many great gifts from everyone! Everything went perrrrrrrrrfect! My favorite part was the yummy yummy cake though! Mom didn't take many pictures, but I'll post what I have whenever I get them... So many people came! It was nice for everyone who came to support me and who is wearing a little bracelet right now for the baby boy! :) But now that the shower is scratched off my list, all I need to do is get ready for a baby boy, because thaaaaaat's NEXT! Anyways though, Tamra brought my wedding pictures over! Finally done! Yay! I love the black and white ones the most... Here are some of the cute ones

Theres lots more...


Noƫlla said...

those are all great! i love them.

i am still wearing the bracelet i wont take it off until it FALLS off!

thursday morn cafe/?

Mr. Furious said...

I love the side shot one, I totally had the right rid swollen thing when I got close to the end. Sometimes I would just lay on my other side and try to stretch out. I think it's a not very tall thing that I guess we've both inherited. Hopefully that doesn't mean your baby's as big as mine! What else is on your need list?

Tamra said...

I'm so glad you like the pictures! It's July 10th and I'm still wearing my bracelet. I'm so excited for you!