Sunday, June 1, 2008


We sell the little beetle tomorrow. Not for the price we were hoping for but it's okay. So now we will be car less for a few days. Which will be lame.

Kody is graduating on tuesday. I'm so happy for him! And actually really jealous. I wish it was me. But whatever.

And tomorrow is our first day at our birth class! I hope it's fun and worth while and that I learn something. It's the Young Mom's one. And we're supposed to bring a pillow each to sit on. Haha.

I miss my mom and dad and I wish I was where they are now.

I don't feel good tonight. Kody's on his way home to bring me some fruit. Fruit is all that makes me feel better. I have a feeling I'll be tossing and turning all night. My back hurts.

Not looking forward to saying goodbye to the little car tomorrow. He was a good one.


Noƫlla said...

you look so good JADE!
yesterday at lunch i lost the diamond out of my necklace at rileys.

im so upset.
i called but they probably lied and said they didnt find it when i told them it was a diamond.

we'll hang , i dont have a job yet. so if you are bored i know how to get to your house now.

naturaljoy said...

I'm glad the black shirt fits, it might be nice after too. I wish I was coming to the shower. Make sure your mom gives you your present. When's your reception going to be. We want to make sure we'll be there.