Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the little mister

I've got way too many clothes for this little guy. But it's okay. I think I might need to go get a dresser. We finally ordered a carseat too. 36 Weeeks today! Getting sooooo nervous. Went to see Julie today also. I tried to ask more questions. I just feel like she is too busy. I want another someone who can pay attention to my shy ness and take care of me, cause deep down I'm kinda kinda scared... Or something like that. But whatever. Kody and I are also having lots of fun in our birth class! We do lots of cool stuff in there, and the other two couples in there are both our age, so maybe we will all make friends. I hope. There's one girl that I think seems really nice, and I want to be her friend. She's due like July 28. But I don't know, I just wanted to show my crammed little baby spot in our room that I put together as neat as I could, there is just so much stuff! It looks like a mess! HELP

Everyone needs to stop making plans to go out of town this month and leave me!!!!! It is making me reallly realllllllllllllyyyyy nervoussssssssssssssssssssss.


Pres&Jes said...

im not going anywhere, im only leaving on sunday for the reunion. lets go somewhere today, maybe i can pay you if you remind me.
whats cru's name today.?

Noƫlla said...

lets go to cafe jade
you me and the son

Michelle said...

I just wrote you a funny comment about when we were kids. anyways though if my sister doesnt have him by sunday they are going to induce her. and im sad that everyone in the whole world got to come to your baby shower. and I didnt.

cathmom said...

If it's any comfort, every mama-to-be is a little scared and a lot nervous when it starts getting close. You have a strong body, a great baby and are in good hands. Julie must not have any concerns or she would talk to you about them. I'm sure your classes will help you feel more prepared. I love you. You have been through some amazing changes and are doing it so well.

Mr. Furious said...

Endure to the end! You're doing great. Dads get pretty scared too--tell Cody we love him. Let him know that there are also men in this family and they are proud if him and strong with him.