Sunday, May 11, 2008

little little

The time is going faster and faster. And sooner than I even know it, I'll have a little baby boy in my arms. It sure is crazy to think about! But today I am celebrating my very first mother's day. I'm starting to feel excited. After everything that has happened to me these past seven months, my perspective on life has changed completely. It has made me realize so many things. I now feel that I really can do this. I'm ready. And I want to be just like my own momma.


naturaljoy said...

Man you sound more mature than a lot of 32 year olds I know! That's how old I am:) I am so excited for Elias River to have a cousin. He's 6 weeks now and he's getting so cute and even though it's so much work I can't help but love him like crazy. It will change you even more.

lovely lindsay said...

hi reg. nice to see your little face again. 57 days or so and i'll get to cuddle you for reals. i bought you the sweetest little pair of pants this weekend. i'm saving up my allowance to go back and buy you the matching shirt. it's tiny so i think you'll probably wear it when you're super fresh. i love you so!
love, sinny

p.s. jade, what qualifies one to be a rare baby?

cathmom said...

I love being your mom, Jade. Thanks for letting me play with your belly. I can tell he is a really cute one! Holding him is going to be so cool. Can I please pick his name??