Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sore Right Leg

I'm starting to feel heavy and tired like I can't lift myself off the couch sometimes. My legs are also so sore from all those deadly charlie horses. And the heartburn is so blahhhhhhhh... it burns! It is amazing the different things my body is doing to help a little baby boy in there to be protected. Oh dear, I sure am ready to not be exhausted anymore though, that's one thing for sure.
I bought a baby einstein's cd today. I almost just like it for myself... ha. It helped me concentrate on all my homework better!
And it's quiet around here... tooooo quiet! But almost peaceful.
Kody has been working late shifts till midnight every night and early bird shifts at 6 am. Everyday. He must be just as exhausted as I am! And then Christine is off in Washington DC with Jeff. Although she's hardly home hangin out with me, I kind of miss her now that she really is far away! I bet they're having so much fun. I'd do anything to be flown away to a far away place right now, even if it was just for a minute or two.
Anyway, I've just been bored. I don't know if I'm even blogging the right way.

haha p.s.

same bellys.
can u guess who she is


lovely lindsay said...

ha! i saw a picture of j-lynn in OK magazine and thought she was your twin for a minute. cute dress, huh.
lucas saw a piece of that green ribbon that we tied up your baby's pacifiers in and said, "baby reggie's paci's?" not kidding.
the charlie horses! i used to wake up in the night yelling! and the burn - oh! the heartburn. there is no relief. DO NOT! i repeat! DO NOT! let mom give you rose hips tablets. that plus heart burn is bad. bad. bad.

BirthLady said...

Make sure you eat enough bananas, potassium is good for you. If you get the leg cramps, pull your toes up towards your nose (not your whole leg, just your toes) that will pull the cramp out.

The other thing I tell my ladies is to use those terrible leg cramps to practice your breathing for labor. A contraction is just a cramp. The breathing that I teach isn't the hee hee hoos like Lamaze. Take a slow deep breath in through your nose, then slowly let it out your mouth. Take as long as you can to release the breath. The same amount of air that goes in goes out so you don't hyperventilate. The only difference in advanced labor with the breathing is you moan when you exhale. The loudness of the moan is equal to the intenseness of the cramp (contraction). So in labor you will be moaning loudly, but who cares. The vibration of the moan matches the contraction and it really helps. Just a low deep moan not a high pitched moan. Practice with your charlie horses and let me know if it helps.

Love the Birthlady

naturaljoy said...

I'm sorry for the heartburn and charlie horses, sometimes I would be afraid to go to sleep because of those. Where does Kody work?

cathmom said...

Lin, It was Evening Primrose Oil! I finally took some so I would know what my ladies went through. Bad. You said it tasted like twigs. I would rather eat twigs.
Jade, this is the home stretch, the part that makes you look forward to labor. You're doing great and looking real cute.

Noƫlla said...

you looked great yesterday jade !

christine dosent want me living with you guys
i hope you dont have the same tude she does

i'll be nice to live with i promise.

being tired all the time is hard. ive been tired for a month because ive been stressin about the move and school.

i have two baby einstein cds. and a dvd. kids LOVE it. LOOOOVE it.