Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sold my small clothes to platos closet.
all i got was twenty bucks.
took presley to target.
and the park.
she is so frightened of those swishy neon balls.
she screamed and squeezed my neck.
we got to go fishing.
kody needs a buddy.
he decided to go to work today.
we have our first bills.
and we are trying so hard to save money.
oh sheesh.
i tried buying myself some maternity jeans.
they just didn't work out.
so i'll try again tomorrow.
i'm thinking of cutting my hair short...
because it's so hot here now, i even saw butterflies.
but i'm happy for sunshine.
i feel so much better when it's around.


Noëlla said...

i never lived in utah ever before

california is EXPENSIVE ! and people here are dramatic sometimes.
but utah is probably always dramatic. but i just need a change ...

so we'll be sorta roomies
how does that make you feel?
im making dinner once a week for everyone

Noëlla said...

p.s. presley looks so big in that photo ... why doesnt she have hair still? gosh.

i'll find kody a buddy some how

Steen said...

because natalie keeps cutting it.

Noëlla said...

dinner is good.

well do you like chicken?
because i make this thing called honey pear chicken with pasta and stirfry veggies.

and everyone that hears about it says ew no.
but once they see it and smell it , they taste it and they LOVE it.

utah - because i have friends there. i want to be able to LIVE there with them and be able to call them up and hang whenevs. utah is totally different from where i grew up so thats why i wanna try it. plus its slow there... wow so slow. so i'll take baby steps...

naturaljoy said...

sell me any more clothes you got I'll pay you a lot more then 20 bucks!