Wednesday, January 23, 2008

good morning

we got the old picture box out,
heres a happy picture of me n my bes fren.
mom better take me to olive garden today.
i have been wanting the ziti real bad.

i'm am also very devasted about some sad news i just 
dicovered. Heath Ledger has just died and i really really liked
him. this is just terrible. and weird.
but anyways.
i'm planning a vacation.
i'm thinking of leaving this country for a while.


Pres&Jes said...

jenny we had olive garden ziti like 2 days ago.
i really like that picture in the old kennewick house.
its great.
come there with me soon.

MICHELLE said...

what is a costa vida?

Im always tattooing something

look at the tshirts at urban.
or target. just get them extra big.
they make you look smaller.

atleast thats my philosophy

I hate to be so public

keytra and syd both work at olive garden

I want to make something good for dinner, any ideas?

MICHELLE said...

WE MIGHT have one. maybe. there is a couple new mexican restaurants

its a good one?

penne pasta is some of my favorite.
maybe I will make that.

so what do you do there

lovely lindsay said...

i love that pictures. love, love, love it. i think that christine still laughs like that when she's being silly. i love too. i want a gift cert from there for my birthday. you should look at too. they have some cool fabrics you can use for your bedroom re-do.

cassaundra said...

i love cirque du soleil.
i wanna go to the beatles one way bad
we should go
for sure for real

i like pancakes, duh
one time i sent a pancake in the mail to my friend issac in utah.

MICHELLE said...

I should have made pasta last night.
but instead we went to the Teriyaki Grill

and it was discusting.
so tonight we are making some

home made pizza. BOMB

sometime you can come over and chill.

I looked for a costa vida while I was out driving last night. I didnt see it.

hows your little belly anyhow?\