Sunday, January 20, 2008

Swedish Fish

Well I got the sweetest little letter in the mail from my sister. It made my day. Because sometimes I just get lonely. I cleaned the whole house. And took all the furniture out of my room. It's all ready for some paint. I am stumped on painting/New furniture ideas. Help help help. And Presley is walking all around the house. She is my friend. We tell all of our secrets to each other. And I am officially done working at Abercrombie. I didn't exactly tell them. But I guess I'm just not going back there. I dislike that place. No more lovely discounts though I guess. Bummer. Dentist tomorrow. To get rid of cavities. I am dreading this appointment. >:0

Send me a cool idea for my room. I need help.


cassaundra said...

Pres&Jes said...

black white and a hot accent color.... like red or GREEN! make the walls the color you pick, then just everything else black and white.
lets go to ikea, i need to get pres a bed.

lovely lindsay said...

i think your room needs this:

MICHELLE said...

I was watching the tour of the hgtv dream home last night

and I thought about you

and one of their rooms looked like one you would live in.

it was green.