Friday, January 25, 2008



lovely lindsay said...

very very cute picture. you're such a little pretty, jade. i love your new blog background. how do you find such cool thing? kody hasn't always had dark hair, has he? is this new?

lovely lindsay said...

what is the fabric called? i'm in love with it. wouldn't it be a cute bag? or curtains?
p.s. you just called chicken a girl in your email. but i guess that makes sense. he is sort of a trans-cat. amelia just started a new blog. tonight i will work on mom's. next up... amy. look at us little blogging larson's. please call me, someday.

mimi said...

Hello Jade! I got ME a blog - but there's nothing on it yet. Just saying hi to you. I thought Bella was the one with gender issues?
Love, amy

Pres&Jes said...

for the record...
chicken is just a grouchy old woman.
frankenstein iIS gay.
no question.
bella gets confused sometimes and majestic is just gilberts mom.
i like this picture.
hi kodym

cassaundra said...

kody looks dashing with dark hair.
you both look very freakin cute.


those are cool
i'll give you more websites when i get home