Friday, August 30, 2013

no worries

a lot of time we try to act like we don't struggle.
we don't wanna look weak. but admitting that we struggle actually makes us look strong.
it doesn't matter if people look at you different. it doesn't matter what they think at all.
someone will twist your story. who cares. you can't care what everyone else is saying.
as long as you are doing what's right.
you can't get up until you fall. i'm realizing the realness of me.
who I am. seeking counsel from the church has helped guide me.
taking care of me is what I needed. it's time for me to be happy.
I have been in the dark. post partum depression.
deep dark self hatred. but i'm coming back. I am. i'm learning.
kody is a good man. at least we can admit our struggle and let it go.
while some may still be sitting in the dark. thinking that's how you live right.
obviously we want to get past it or we wouldn't admit it.
that's the first step. I feel like I've learned so much in this past month about myself,
about kody. about my family. my kids. my in laws. everyone is there for eachother.
we are strong people. we only want the best for eachother. that's it.
I think talking to my bishop has been the best thing I ever did.
I will only let my faith and prayers guide me now.
and I hope the choices I make are respected and trust that I am choosing the right thing.
I love Kody Anderson.
i'm here for you kody.
you are a good man. you are strong. and I know who you really are.
you matter to me.

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