Thursday, October 31, 2013

it's Halloween 2013.
sage is a ladybug, carson is batman.
I am just a mom.
we will probably take our kids to the mall
and then door to door trick or treating like
tradition. then hopefully a scary movie.
Halloween is the only night of the year I dare
to watch scary movies anymore. i'm a wuss.
keira gave birth to a sweet baby boy beckham
this week. and i got to hold him yesterday for
the first time. he's so adorable. i have been waiting
for an Anderson baby boy to be born for carson
to play with! me and carson were so excited!
kjersti is next up any day now.
i'm back up and running in my bracelet selling.
i think i will make my own website though soon.
i have a few things planned in the works.
we shall see.
i had my first doula appt. with Christine, this time
me as her doula. she seems ready and prepared.
i cannot wait to meet that pretty Christmas babe.
so many babies!
i'm very happy and feel great.
i have learned a lot about myself and my life these
past few months. and i am just only growing stronger
and smarter.



The Fords said...

We were so happy you guys came to see us! You need to come see us again!!

Steen said...

I just love your babes.