Wednesday, March 5, 2014

working hard - pays off.

I don't know what's come over me! I just want to create. Ideas keep running through my head and I can't stop! I want to make so many things! It's amazing to me how so many people LOVE my bracelets. I'm so glad I made a come back and am even BETTER than before.
So many happy things are in store for me. I can FEEL it. It's just getting started. I have grown this little passion for making pretty things for peeps to wear. The funny thing is I prefer to wear my PINK sweats and hair in a pony tail most of my days. And BARELY wear makeup. But I just enjoy so much making things for other people to wear and feel pretty.
I'm kinda nuts.
My kids are growing. Carson LOVES school. (and Nintendo) (which I'm hiding on the top of my bookshelf right now)... Sage tries to talk and is SO smart. I just can't believe. Family vacation starts this weekend. I'm so excited to explore California. It's where I belong secretly.
Good things are in store for me. 2013 was HARD. I'm SO glad it's over.
2014 is sweeping right in and sweeping me off my feet!

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