Friday, September 6, 2013

smiling a little

I am learning so much about my self.
it's like my brain has opened up into a deeper part of itself.
I've been given many gifts in my life.
It's time for me to really be grateful and to accept them.
Life is a precious, beautiful thing.
I'm pretty brave ya know.
Here's another song for the day.
Most these songs I hear my mom playing in the mornings
when I'm sleeping on the couch. I rarely let music in my life
so she says.

1 comment:

Lovely Lindsay said...

prettiest little sister, i love you so.
i love even more that you're 'smiling a little'...
this is one of the songs i played on repeat after briana died. it's a treasure. you SHOULD let more music in to your life!

we all just have to keep on, keepin' on - don't we.
come visit.
love, linny