Friday, December 7, 2012

38 weeks

baby any day now.
just waiting and waiting.
i'm so done though. so ready to be not pregnant
anymore and just have this baby.
all of a sudden i have a cold today.
and my body and hips are so sore that i can
barely walk. sheesh this pregnancy has been rough.
anyway, christmas is creeping up fast. it's gonna
be here before i know it. and so is my baby.
i'm glad i got my boys a few gifts already, so i'm
pretty much done. i'm not buying anything else.
i hope no one is expecting much of me this holiday,
i literally can barely walk now to even make it in a
store longer than 10 minutes.
i am officially in nesting mode thats for sure.
i can tell because, i can't stop cleaning, if my room
gets any piece of mess i get irritated and have to have
it cleaned right away. all baby things are set out too.
i'm just REaaaaddddy.
last night i held carson tight and kissed his face all over till
he fell asleep - it was nice to have time with him and me
and have him be my baby one more time. i'm gonna miss that.
i love carson so much. nobody would even know how sweet
he is to me. serrrrrrrrriously.
i know Kody is ready for this baby too and ready for me to be myself
again and not pregnanct crazy lady. haha, he's done
great putting up with my craziness though.
he works a lot now, it's so different than we are used to.
but i like it so much better than him going out of town
for 3 days and missing his guts. i love that i get to
have him home every night. and he is liking his job too.
he already gets a raise next month. i'm proud of him.
and i had an awesome birthday! my mom took me to a
sweet lil spa and we got pedicures, and then we went to
the mall and picked me some clothes to make me feel good
for these last few big belly weeks. then i came home and kody
had flowers and my white cake i was dreaming about all week!
and he surprised me with an iphone! which i looooove. i can
instagram now, and it's so fun! haha -
then we just went to dinner and went home and laid in bed all
night watched like 3 movies in a row.
it was such a peaceful and great birthday. i got to see nat
and steen and they both remembered that i wanted sugar
cookies. and lin sent me some cozy victorias secret sweats
in the mail and lil shoes for the babe. i was happy. i love my
hopefully i'll have a baby before next week so i dont have
to write another whining post about how uncomfortable
i am.


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