Monday, June 11, 2012

my days have consisted of nonstop nausea and headaches. have had them for 4 weeks straight. and inpatiently waiting for the day i wake up and they are no more. :) oh dear. it's been hard to even function. and not any food or drink sounds good AT ALL. besides dilluted lemonade. i think i'm going crazy. i've been having a really hard time getting some bracelets made. hiring me an assistant would be a good idea right about NOW. ohhh my life. i wish i would just start growing a belly so my fat belly will stop looking extra flubbery... haha- i need kody to get home, we miss him! and carson has been extra talkative and curious about EVERYTHING lately, so he has been keeping me pretty darn busy. i always thought he was a calm quiet little boy, and all of a sudden he's asking questions over and over about every little thing. love him! i dont have much to say because i've basically been laying around everyday with no energy. if anyone knows a cure please feel free to share you ideas! :). friday was actually fun though, i tagged along with my mom on her prenatal travelling work day.
we went up to lehi, then heber, and ate at the yummiest mexican restaurant tarahumara or something like that. and then we snuck into the real real sundance shop, which i've never been, for a snack and to look at all their pretty clothes. and then ended up back at liz's baby shower for the sweet stika babe, before we went home. probably my most productive day this month.
still waiting to hear on the house. we're about to give up. it's taking SO long. i didn't know it was such a process to buy an older home. sheeeeeeeesh! i feel so unsettled right now though, like i've living out of a bag. and ive been wanting to go makeup shopping really bad. reallllly bad. i need to get out. hahaha and i wanna wear clothes like this.

and i want this dog please

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