Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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Buffalo Wild Wings opened in Lehi. That's on my mind right now.
Lots on my mind.
I'm so excited for February. I love all this love love love everywhere. Red and pink and purple stuffff. Kody & I both have lots of homework though. I have also been crafting out of my mind trying to create really cute headbands for my shop. As well as putting together a bunch of these bracelets to sell.. I cannot find my old silver camera again. It's making me crazy! I just barely had it and fixed it all up and now, it's gone. This month is kind of overwhelming because our lease expired, and some other paperwork for things needs to get in and homework is just starting to take off on a whole other level. I need to submit my project ideas for my web site design class. It's haaard - but so much fun at the same time! But I almost forgot to tell about the best best besssssttt part of my whole week so far! I attended a birth with my mom again as her assistant. This time it was just me and her. And I really loved the couple. I also loved that the mom was my same age. So I felt like I really knew who she was. But it was amazing, I got to witness the whole thing, the baby being born, my mom in action catching the baby, guiding the mama, the husband totally excited and speaking in russian about how happy he was, as soon as the baby arrived. Me charting all details away on their labor chart. Bringing the mama some water and tinctures. It was the coolest thing I ever witnessed - I was pretty much shaking when the baby started to come out.. But it's an experience I will never forget. I think it changed me a little. I felt like me and my mom were a team, and it was really cool . I can't even explain it. At all. I already want to go to another birth. I had to share that news! And I have a neonatal rescuscitation class with my sister in March which will be awesome to have. On another note - I keep finding myself in deep thought about what I want to do with my life - who I wanna be. I still don't really know yet. I don't really know what I'm majoring in with school still either. But I think things are sorta falling into place on their own without me even having to make the decision for myself. I kind of like it like that - since I'm so indecisive. It will have to work for me. And hey - I'm still kind of obsessed with makeup - don't worry I didn't forget about it. But I just can't afford to buy expensive makeup like I was doing.. Ha .
sneak peek of my shop stufffs. i don't have a picture of the bracelets until I find that camera again - GOSH - i hate this bad quality thing... :/


cathmom said...

I love that we were a birth team. Middle of the night and everything. You were brave to jump in like that. Thanks Baby Jade.

Lovely Lindsay said...

so awesome.
can you even believe that you are doing such cool things?
love you.

Aleksandra said...

it must be beyond amazing witnessing a life being brought to this world...