Saturday, January 28, 2012


i feel busy around here. i try to keep things clean. i try to be a good mama. and a good wife. try to get my homework done on time. it's hard to keep up. this little boy is getting too old. i thought it would take a million years for him to be this big. and now it won't stop. he just keeps getting bigger and smarter. and i'm missing his baby - ness. tonight i wrapped him in a blanket and rocked him to sleep. he is everything to me. dinosaurs and all. lately i have been surrounded by many new and good friends. me and kody have been occupied and not too stressed. i could use a long drive and just do nothing. tonight, i REALLY miss my sister. i had to say it.
-this life, i tell you. dang.

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cathmom said...

I really miss your sister too. It's good to say it.