Thursday, January 12, 2012

strange clouds *

-Taco / Karaoke night at my house with my parents (hilarious)
-Crazy school schedules and homework already
-Spending my days with the two cutest boys ever
-Working for my mom - keeping her on top of things!
-Kody has an interview with the phlebotomy program at IHC!
-He also just got a job at this place called Prosper =)
-Decided to renew our lease and keep staying where were at
-got on the waiting list for a housing program in west jordan
(which will be great for us while were in school)
-I love 2012 - this fresh new year is so good to me
-Made beets & leeks soup with Candice - only would I make
a soup like that with her... and Kody swallowed a stick haha!
-I cut my bangs - why oh why
-New songs on the ipod - adele, rihanna, and some dubstep *
-Peach jolly ranchers
-overdue on some clothes shopping ASAP
-New leopard flats on my doorstep
-Valentine stuff everywhere making me sooo happy
-Wanting to go to Brick Oven
-5 school books to buy still
-Tio's Restaurant talks with my mom and steen
-Finished all my certification classes for the doula thing
-Ready for whatever else this new year is going to bring me
Yessssss =)

I found this amazing blog the focus's on these successful women who have children
and some of them share their birth stories - or even where they get their adorable baby clothes and furniture... i really liked reading through it..
Go look THE GLOW

I love Rebecca Minkoff


michelle said...

I like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love all the valentine's day things littering the internet too!!