Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey blog hey,
I just finished deep cleaning our bedroom,
closets and everything. It took me this whole
day. But I'm so glad it's done. And now I can
scratch that one off my list. Next up is Carson's
room. Which is easier cause its just toys that go
in buckets. So I downloaded a photoshop trial today.
Which means I have thirty days to make really cool
things and then decide if it's worth buying.
I got me a new desktop computer. It's huuuuge! I love
it! It's a touch screen and all that good stuffff,
for a way gooood deal. It's awesome! Since I have photoshop,
oh just wait and you see the cooool things I'm gonna make!
I want February to Hurry - I LOVE VALENTINE's DAY!
And this weekend was busy crazy - we went to Leatherbees
with all my sister/brother in laws and the spouses.
(minus Keira & Steve! We missed you guys!)
It was fun though, pretty sure I love the cheese fries.
Then Saturday we spent the whole day at chuck e cheese
with our friends Jaycie and Dallas that were in Nebraska
with us. It was pretty fun! After that we came home and
had them over for some treats, and Kjersti and Tyler
showed up so I made them parmesan chicken. It was fun!
And THEn Sunday we went to visit our Nebraska friends
again in Orem where they live and watched the boys
play nintendo and ate my enchiladas and jaycie's yummy
cinnamon rolls. This weekend was so busy visiting friends
and family - but it was great and I'm so glad we got to see
everyone. I needed it though, took lots of stuff off my
mind. I got a happy package from my friend Amanda in the
mail - her creativity is amazingggg - she sent me some of
her cutest flower pins ever. And I really loved that gold
and cream twine. I need to some now! Were doing a swap,
and I owe her one of my bracelets in return... her shop is
awesome and her blog go here*
Now I have two reports to do, three packages to
send. Some cupcakes to make. A crazy three year old to
chase. And speaking of, I cut my hair. Thank goodness
Christine fixed it. Kody's interview with the hospital
today. Out of sixty other interviews... Crossing my
fingers for him. But at least he already has a job.
I'm proud of him. I love my boys. of Course.
Now somebody come visit me! I cleaned my apartment all
nice :)

 I wanna make

oreo pudding cake from lilluna.com
pumpkin meringue pie from darlingnotes.blogspot.com
potato soup from sixsistersstuff.blogspot.com

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