Sunday, August 7, 2011


We are back in Nebraska again...
Oh how I just didn't miss this apartment.
Kody told me when we got to Utah,
that it felt like we were living in luxury at
our Herriman place... it really did, compared,
to here. But I don't mind. I'm thinkin that this
was a really great experience for us. I needed
this spacious time to think and realize a lot,
and feel more independent. We had a long
break in Utah for the past week and a half.
I made sure I got to see everyone and
spend some quality relaxing time there...
I have been up to my knees in homework
every night though. Tonights me last night
of this summer quarter. I wish I didn't
procrastinate it that much, but because
of this crazy summer and working, I got
tired, FAST... I think I'm going to do one
more quarter online and then I'll start going
to real class. There really is nothing wrong
with online. I have learned a lot. Oh my...
What my weeek consisted of -

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Steen said...

Good cop car. Good 5 cheese ziti al forno...