Tuesday, August 9, 2011

around here

its been quiet around here.
not very much sunny either.
i'm looking forward to the fall though.
more birthdays are coming. we
have a big family.
i want to buy a peter paul and mary cd.
& we left a lot of carsons toys in utah again.
so grandma margaret let us borrow
her precious marble tower set.
carson has been loving that.
and i left my bracelet stuff at utah home,
so now i'm trying to find another hobby
until then. maybe ill make cookies.
sounds good.
were getting closer to going home,
kody is almost done selling here.
that's great news. which means,
we could be going home sooner than
we though. and everyone else here is
heading home this week, so its just us here
and two other guys...
 my summer  classes are done,
 and i'm proud of myself. i worked hard.
already got my next online classes lined up
for the fall. and a possible doula workshop
in september. looking forward to that.
kody got done working early today
so i got to hang out with him.
my job here is still extra easy...
i almost need a challenge, because
it's so dang easy. and i keep going back
and forth on what i want to do with
my life. i just have no idea. what do i
wanna do for a career? something i
love. well i love a lot of things.
and i'm so indecisive. that word
pretty much sums up my life. but-
things are good and we are happy
and i just feel the peace. i feel like
i'm doing something right here. at least.
-bye for now


lovely lindsay said...

please go to hair/makeup school. i want ombre hair and you're the only one that could do it right. i'll babysit carson. miss you! love, lin

cathmom said...

happy post, jade.
what if we were really movingtoafrica?