Tuesday, November 30, 2010

takin a break from my cleanin day,
been getting ready for lin and baby 3 to come over!
tomorrow is the day i was born.
the snow is so deep that me and kody
will probably be making an igloo this week.
it feels so much like christmas time today.
thanksgiving was so good, yummiest potatoes,
and pumpkin pie ever. and i love moms friend
gina. i got to take carson to pismo beach and
see where my mama grew up. it was pretty.
and on the way home i got to squeeze in
One night in vegas, and a trip to the cupcake store.
but that was after me steen chris and kody
accidentally took a huge detour to almost LA.
silllllly weekend, and tons on snow in cedar city,
the craziest IHop i've ever been too.
and a verrrrry good little carson boy.
kody found a job in the mall selling his dish/direct,
just for the holidays... so hes not knockin in the cold.
i have also decided to take online classes this next
semester, and work towards my generals.
i think this is a cinnamon roll baking kinda week...
and i reallly wanna go to a movie.
what last week consisted of...

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mimi said...

happy birthday jade!