Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i'm having theee absolute hardest time deciding about school.
i still have a few weeks to figure it out.
i know that i'm gonna go.
but i dont know what i want to do.
deep down i badly want to do esthetics,
but i just dont know if i should get my general associates first?
or what. i'm sooooooooooo LOst.
kody has been strugglin with school and work ever since we got our apartment...
and i seriously want to help him get his education.
he is not motivated when all we can think about is paying 900 dollars a month rent.
but we love so much to have our own place.
more than Anythingggggg.
well i hope this new year will bring some good things for us,
i worked hard this year to get big things off my list.
and school is my next one.
i'm thinking we should get on a low income housing list for next year.
but i am having the hardest time finding where i get on that list at...
i just dont understand that whole grant thing either,
is there a way to get money to help pay for living expenses?
holidays are coming fast. 
haha sheesh. im making lots of homemade things though,
i made a pom pom garland for my tree thats almost done...
and we still need to get our passports before it costs a fortune.
as well as i still need to get my phone on.
but right now i feel like i dont even need it.
life is too expensive.
and everything stresses me out right now.
it makes me want to cry.
i'm glad kody supports me with whatever i do.
and i support him tooo.
and i turn 21 so soon.
i just want to go on a date with kody sooooo bad
with no distractions and no worries.
even if its just goin for a walk or
a drive or somethING.


michelle said...

get your esthetics licence first then if you still want your AA you will have a good job that will help pay for you to go to college.

The Fords said...

Hey!! I miss you! We need a craft day. SOON. I will watch Carson for you when you and kody have your date night. Just tell me when. love ya.

naturaljoy said...

Kody's school counselor should totally get him grants and help pay for housing.

iheartgourmet said...

Jade I just read this and my friend got her esthetician license and didnt do her generals and does eyelashes in Ogden and has her own studio and she makes a ton of money doing it. Like, I would say atleast $60,000...and makes her own hours. You would love it! If you want to talk to someone about it, i could hook you up with her. Also, Craig is on call 7 to 8 nights per month picking up dead bodies for the mortuary and we get free rent in return. I dont know if your hubbu would want to do that...but You might want check into that? We could get you a hook up here, but then you'd has to live in Ogden and I don't know if you want to do that. Anyway, good luck with everything!

iheartgourmet said...

Sorry for the spelling. Ha ha my phone isn't the best...