Thursday, May 27, 2010

someday it will all pay off.

to do (someday):

take majestic on a walk.
ride my bike every morning.
find the perfect place to live.
buy me a car.
wear some wedges.
plan july vegas trip.
apply for pell grant.
lay out in the sunshine.
figure it out.
make nanaimo bars.
feeel good.
sephora opening.
get the clear chair.
keep savin up.
love love love.
buy all the degrassi seasons.
visit my pasco family.
do everybodys makeup.

1 comment:

The Fords said...

I really like this post. The awesome thing is you really can start doing all of them NOW. not someday. You have a lot of awesome things to do, and I know you will do them. You can start by doing my makeup. :) When r u free? and when I get a bike, i'll ride my bike with you.