Sunday, May 23, 2010

so long friend

it's been a long hard week, plus a really good week all in one. kody has been in california for 7 whole days. and im missing his guts. and carson won't leave my side. he really is such a good boy though. he just likes to snuggle. and he's quiet like me. so kody has been working pretty hard, he gets paid next week so we'll see if it all paid off :).
 it was nice having lin here too. and i'm glad we got to squeeze in a little makeup shopping. and cupcake eating... and i got to see my brother for a minute too. it was happy.
right now i'm feeling more than ever like i just want to go to school. and i think i should just do it. i just have to be prepared to not have any money during that time. but i'm ready. i just want to do something i love. and i like to make people feel pretty. anyway,
blue car is up for grabs... i'm taking offers... 500 or less. if nobody wants it, i'm craiglisting it next week.
i'm also on the look out for a cheap, but Good looking apartment around this place...
if you havent been to sweettoothfairy
i recommend you go because i'm in love with the nanaimo bars.

 but this was a rough week because of my dog bella. she's been around almost my whole life from what i can remember. so it feels a little empty now that shes gone. i dont know about you but we treat our dogs like humans over here. she was really sick. and it was really sad. and it still is. jes is missing her other half.... i definately miss bella.

isabella angel...
sweetest red dog.

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Mr. Furious said...

What? Bella is gone? Someone call me with the details. Sad.