Friday, April 16, 2010

carson had the flu
now i think i have the flu
all i been doin
is watchin the kids
on these days i feel
like a mother of 3 ha
sneakin in some ged
studying at night
writing down goals
researching schools
wanting lots of makeup
ate geckos with
christina and kjersti
geckos has the best beans
glad the snow went away
only thing i hate about this
season is spiders
Still wishing i could
put my cali pics up
my camera hates me
obsessed with cleaning
thinking of summer road trips
tired of the mall
i want jen to layer my hair
scared of earthquakes
i feel old
i want long hair
and leggings
and i kinda want to move


Laura Jo said...

Hahaha, tired of the mall!?
me toooooo.
we've been going like every weekend.
it's not as fun without you.
but, it's gettin warmer so we can do other things besides shop..

Steen said...

come over, i'll cut your hair.

cathmom said...

what I said was, "Will you do my makeup?"