Thursday, April 22, 2010

carson and his crazy hair. ha ha ha.
its been a long day, and its still only 2:34.
i found the candy bag when we got
the old emergency kits out, and i love
these bubbleyum gums with apple
in the middle. dannnnnng. its like those
russian gums i have been searching for
all my life. also, i got a paper in the mail
about a makeup artistry 2 week course,
and i had no idea when i looked into
it that you get a makeup kit by mac!
that made me want to take the class
even more. but i dont know its kinda
expensive, i think i'm gonna save up
and take it in the fall. but i am still doing
my ged books they take forever.
hopefully this summer i will be going to a
school. but i'm still trying to decide which
one. i hope i make some new friends too.
cause i'm really needing friends.
moms been my friend, she took me to
trolley square and we got sprinkles cupcake
mix from williams and sonoma and they
tasted just like the real ones, we loooove
them. i'm ready to get my bike out and
take carson for rides. i'm excited for the
hills to start on tuesday, and i miss my sister
jen, i might go over and see her or something.
maybe ill make her a treat.
my grams is coming over tonight. i like when
shes here.
thank goodness its friday tomorrow.

and thats how i wanna do my vanity,
i dont know where the picture is from
i just found it on google. but my table
looks like that, and i like that Big mirror
and that ikea chair. Cuuuuuuuute!


cathmom said...

I loove the pictures! I loove how you make a difference in 3 little babies' lives. I hope you get your dream vanity!

Pres8Jes said...

those cupcakes were so good. im glad you came over last night even though you absolutely Hate hanging out with me. My kids like you. you should've come to the park this morning, earth jam is always fun. are you bbqing and moms tonight?

michelle said...

haha im glad you know that there was a tornado. im also glad that mississippi is a cool little neighborhood down the street from me and I didnt go to the real mississippi because I would have been in a tornado, and that would have sucked.