Monday, February 1, 2010

i feel lonely.
and we need new foods in our life me and carson.
he eats cereal, oatmeal, chicken noodle, beans, and toast.
i've been takin moms car places.
its happy to me, to get out and not sit around the house
wondering whats next...
dads been my friend.
moms been my friend too.
but also very busy.....
i went to fye and browsed tonite.
i think thats my favorite store.
and target. i dont know what i would do without target.
it saves me from boredom everytime,
i could spend hours there.
i love chocolate milk.
i wish more people had blogs and wrote in them a lot.
i wish i could sit and read my book with no interruptions.
i feel like i havent seen kody in weeks.
his works got him all tied up...
i kinda miss him, even tho he's around.
he's busy.
i hope this year will be good.
everything just keeeeps going and it doesnt stop.
i can't even keep up.
i need a break a vacation.


The Fords said...

When you feel lonely give me a call! Seriously. Steve is always studying and doing school stuff.

I for sure want to make those valentine stuff for our men :)

You should help me decide how I should do my hair/change my hair

Steen said...

cute dress

Tineasha said...

i love your blog

I am now following it:D