Tuesday, February 2, 2010

good tuesday morning.
woke up early and went to the dmv
and registered our bluuue car.
poor thing needs a little work.
then we went and got a quote
at state farm to look into insurance.
so got a few things done. thats good.
now im trying to clean moms house
but i dont know where to start
and the dogs got into the garbage
and its all over the house...
i want to do someones makeup.
you guys need to let me.
and finally our taxes are done,
we are getting 5300$ back,
i'm so excited about it.
i want to go to washington in march
for faiths baptism...
that would be cool.
i need to take my dad out to dinner,
i owe him somethin.
what else.
i want to be in school by march.
but who knows, its coming fast.
and kody is so handsome.
he really is.
and his hair is getting long.
and i love love love it.


Candice said...

jade! do my makeup, please. :) that was fun on sunday. i like reading your blog. my friends and i have one at oneforfive.blogspot.com

Nashe' said...

your cute ! i do make up too !