Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh hey it's just me.
I've been around.
Lazy. Carsons been sick.
nat spent the day at my house.
we made some really good soupish Food.
And a yummmmy peach crisp ThankS LIn.
my skin is making me crazy.
i got a prescription for it,
but i'm scared because i don't like
that idea. But it's killing me
and nothing else is working...
i also got to use my sephora giftcard
today. cause today was the last day.
so i got somethin sweet...
ill show you later.
i'm just not feelin it today.
and the grinch movie
was sold out last night and i was
sad cause mines scratched
and i found a coupon in the ads for
a new one $4 off.
theres a few presents under my tree.
it DOEs feel kinda christmas ish over
at my place.
except i need to somehow
make kody a stocking ASAP.
i'm sendin everyone pretty treats this year.
i just can't do this whole
present buying thing every year.
its too much...
i've made myself a goal,
that i will get into school 2010.


cassandra noƫlla said...

i like that photo a lot it makes me want to take one like it its so cozy and grabs the feel of the season .
and we should for real finally hang out when i come in 2 weeks.. we always say it and never do.. blah

lovely lindsay said...

yay- your etsy faves are back up. love that. missing you today. i found the martha cookie book at walgreens. come over? did you look up the prescription? what did you learn? love, lin

michelle said...

I wish I could come to your christmas-ish house because im not feeling the christmas spirit at all this year. minus the millions of dollars I spent on presents. : / sephora has this purfume called "falling in love" i would give just about anything for it. and I could watch the grinch movie on repeat, but I do not own it and blockbuster is expencive and redbox doesnt have it. dang.

Briana said...

Try this stuff, it's so good and expensive but totally worth it. https://www.evanhealy.com/

cathmom said...

Your house is bursting with Christmas spirit. I felt it when I came in today. And those cute little cousins are so happy there. You rock Jade!

Candice said...

yeah jade, go to the website bri wrote, that's what i use now and it's the only thing that has worked for my skin. seriously try it. i broke my ankle, i dont know if your mom told you. it hurts and sucks so much to be on crutches, but im in ca now so im happy. sorry this is long haha merry christmas!!!!