Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it snowed all day and i'm in a tank top
it's been a weird week.
but everything is weird to me.
i made sugar cookies.
my drivers license test
is making me frustrated.
i feel like it just wasnt meant to be.
me and driving.
i'm started to bring more
music into my life.
i have a lot of goals for next year.
big goals.
i love christmas time,
it's the best.
and carson,
he's getting so smart,
i can't keep up.
before i know it he'll
be taller than me.
but anyway...



michelle said...

hey jade I hope your having a good christmas eve!

Steen said...

can i have a cookie?

cathmom said...

you'll be driving soon and on to your next goal. hang in there.

lovely lindsay said...

i need you to come back.