Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"if youre already there, then theres no where to go
if your cups already full, then its bound to overflow"

what a good day it is.
to do nothing but relax.
and hang out with my boy.
eat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
and waffles.
watch baby einstein.
wear my pink sweats.
and bein happy.
listen to matisyahu.
i never had any special music that i loved.
but ive always liked matisyahu.
it makes me happy.
i think i'll make my cookies.

where does that leave me you ask?


michelle said...

matisyahu always makes me happy too. I always used to turn it up really loud and drive really fast on the road to syds house.

I want chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

your day sounds nice and cozy.

Steen said...

moms making me mad because she's throwing cd's on me.

cathmom said...

jade, you are not lost.
i can't wait to see what treat you make for me. i love this picture. love it.