Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's really really cold in my apartment today. Jack is sitting on my lap. Carson is STILL sleeping and it's 11 o clock. jeez. i already want to put my christmas tree up, cause i'm really excited. and mom got carson a cute ornament at anthropologie last night. except next on my to do list is clear our whole pantry out and move it to a new shelf because we are getting my mom and dads washer and dryer this week. i'm so excited. kody and i also discussed maybe going to washington for thanksgiving... we might. all depending on his work. but that would be so fun! tonite is homemade pizzas and homemade breadsticks whoever wants to come. i just get so bored around here. i can't wait until i can finally drive. yard work this weekend... and i can't wait to see 2012 either.

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Pres8Jes said...

DONT seee 2012! I WANT TO COME for pizza but we have to get groceries and theres a jazz/celtics game on tonight. can you do dinner aat 5? or really late? if i invite you to my house, will you come? i make good food. hi jack..on your lap. lucky your get the washer and dryer, im comin over to do laundry.