Tuesday, October 27, 2009

woke up and mooch picked me up for the dmv trip. all three kids. it was funny. the man was really nice and helped me figure it out. and i took a written test WITHOUT studying! and failed but like one question, but he said i get another chance to go back without having to pay again, so i grabbed me a handbook to study tonight. and i'm going back. i'm so excited though!!! i really am! i seriously will have to throw myself a party once this is all done. then after that it was pouring snow outside like crazy, and we went to cafe rio lunch. and now i'm home with stinky dishes and broken dishwasher and no dishsoap to wash them. ew! carson is watching his show. and i tried to take a picture of our pumpkins but you can't see that teeth on mine very good and i think they look cool so darn.


cassandra noƫlla said...

the eyes on your pumpkin remind me of the pumpkin i made lastyear! i miss my pumpkin. .he was so funny.

and good job on the dmv.. i bet you will pass this next time

naturaljoy said...

I will have to throw a party when you get a license too! Elias might be a pumpkin too.

Steen said...

my word verification is sonso.
i like those eyeballs